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Books added to collection (May 2010)

We have added nearly 500 books in the last 3 months. I shall be listing them a few at a time. For more details, please refer to our online catalog.

  • Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking
  • Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki
  • Getting to Plan B by John Mullins, Randy Komisar
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Josh Lerner
  • Managing the Nonprofit Organization by Peter Drucker
  • Street Smart financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers by Thomas McLaughlin
  • Let My Peiople Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard
  • Monk and the Riddle – the art of creating a life while making a living by Randy Komisar
  • When Technology Fails by Matthew Stein
  • Technological Options for Sanitation

Library Update May 2010

Greetings from the VC Library!

I hope all our members have had a lovely time with family especially and friends this summer.

Those of you with school age children must be busy gearing up for the new scholastic year.  Once you get back to routine, hope you find time for the Library !

We too have been busy selecting, sourcing and adding to our collection of books.  Pardon my boasting, but it truly is an exclusive and selective collection of books  that we have added. Please browse our catalog to check out for yourself on www.vcenterlibrary .org

As always any recommendation for books is always welcome from members and you may send them online too.

Magazine Arrivals December 2009

Library Update January 2010

Greetings from the VC library !!
Wishing All Our Wellwishers a A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!
Hope you all had an enjoyable year end get-away with family and friends.
A New Year has dawned and it is time for updates from the VC Library.
Our membership has gone beyond 100 and considering the specialized nature of our library and the short time we have been in operation, it is quite satisfying and encouraging. Since there are constant enquiries over the phone and to encourage participation in the library and its activities, here is the first announcement :
• Reference Library Membership or Browsing was given Free as an initial offer. But we have decided to continue with this offer till 31 March 2010. No fees will be charged for browsing the books and magazines in the library till 31 March 2010.

So may I request you to spread the word among your friends, relatives and colleagues to make use of this opportunity and join our library?
Though not vast, the collection is focused and more importantly our collection has books and magazines that you ordinarily do not find in other libraries. These books are difficult to find and we have spent a lot of effort and time in selecting them and also in trying to source them from different sellers, here in India and abroad.
As usual, we have planned a lot of activities for this year, like Book summaries, Workshops, Lectures etc. and I will sending emails regarding these events.
May I remind you that we have added Marathi books to our collection. Also we have the Junior Section, for children. We are adding to these collections also.
So hoping to see many of you here in the Library in the coming year !!

Magazine Arrivals November 2009

Fast Company (November 2009)

Dare (October 2009)

New Scientist ( 31 Oct  – 6 Nov)

Economist (November 2009)

Scientific American – India(November 2009)

Scientific American – U.S. (November 2009)

Technology Review – India

Technolgy Review – U. S. (Nov-Dec 2009)

Inc (November 2009)

Innovation (Oct-Nov 2009)

Entrepreneur (November 2009)

Journal of Entrepreneurship (July-December 2009)

Magazine Arrivals – October 2009

New Scientist  (Oct 3 – 9 Oct)

New Scientist  (Oct 10 – Oct 16)

New Scientist  (Oct 17 – Oct 23)

Fast Company (Oct 2009)

Dare (Oct 2009)

Inc (Oct 2009)

Entrepreneur (Oct 2009)

Popular science (Oct 2009)

Forbes India (Oct 2009)

Library Update September 2009

15 September 2009

Library Updates

Greetings from the VC library!

It is nearly 4 months since the Library was opened to the public and just the time for our 1st Newsletter.

First the response to our opening – though not overwhelming, but very encouraging.  In terms of membership, we are averaging about 15 new members a month. Though the word ‘library’ invokes the stereotyped image of a place to borrow books, the VC Library is more than that. It is a place for the discussion and exchange of ideas, a place to make new contacts, enhance and add to personal skills and perceptions.  There are talks and lectures by professionals in their field, seminars, workshops and video / audio clip sessions.

We are constantly adding to our stock and will shortly be introducing new sections and services for the convenience of members.

Last month I had announced the opening of our ‘Junior Section’, dedicated to children in the age group 10 – 16 yrs.  Of course the focus still is science and technology and business, in a language easy for children to understand.

We have also started a collection of books in Marathi (again, related to sci & tech, business). At the moment, the books are few, but we are adding to it. The problem is in sourcing the type of books relevant to our focus.  Let me here invite our members to send in suggestions and titles of books in Marathi.

Before closing this newsletter, I list below the plans and launches we propose to implement soon.

Also our plan to make our library an interactive hub and a happening place, which should not be too difficult, with your support and encouragement !!

  • A section on incubation
  • Catalogs and Buyer’s Guide
  • Encyclopedia s / Handbooks
  • A collection of audio / video clips
  • Databases
  • A premium collection of subscription databases.

Book arrivals (August 2009)

Magazine Arrivals (August 2009)

Popular Science (July)

Dare (July)

Dare (August)

New Scientist ( August 8-14)

The Economist (August 29-4 Sept)

MIT Review – India (August)

Inc Magazine (July-August)

Scientific American – US Ed.  (August)

Fast Company (Sept 2009)

Current Science (July 2009)

Biospectrum (July 2009)

Popular Plastics & Packaging (August 2009)

Library Update August 2009

We are happy to announce the addition of a ‘Junior Section’ to our library.
This is targeted at children in the 10 – 16 age group, to introduce them to concepts
in business, finance and modern technology. Especially there is not much printed
matter available for children to learn about business and finance.
Management of finance and being technology savvy is a must in the modern world.

We have a selected collection of books, comics in the Junior Section. There are books
on science, finance, technology, invention, inspirational books etc. and we are daily
adding to the collection.

So please take advantage of this, and your response will encourage us to grow our collection.

You may also send your recommendation of books.
Thank you.

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