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New additions May 2016

Public Speaking for Success: the Complete Programme … by  Dale Carnegie

The essential elements of how to prepare and deliver a speech
How to grab the audience’s attention right at the start
How to persuade your listeners to agree with your message
The use of body language in enhancing your presentation
How to close your talk, ensuring your point has been made ….


George Wahsington Carver: Scientist and Symbol … by Linda McMurry

How did Washington Carver, whose concrete accomplishments on paper did not amount to much more than “doing something “ with peanuts, sweet potatoes, homemade paints and recipes, come to be known as a great man who made brilliant inventions? How was it that his more significant contributions were lost in the myth-making that surrounded him? Linda McMurry addresses these questions and others as she joins biography with a sensitive exploration of Carver as a symbol of black ability and achievement


 The Mind of an Engineer  … by Purnendu Ghosh, Baldev Raj, Editors

The book is an initiative of the INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering) and a reflection of the experiences of some of the Fellows of the INAE in the fileds of science, technology and engineering. It is about the reminiscences, eufeka moments, inspirations, challenges and opportunities in the jouney the professionals took toward self-realisation and the goals they achieved.


 IP for Development: The Emerging Paradigm … by Karuna Jain, Mukundan R, Editors

Based on the accepted papers for the 1st International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property and Strategy, 2nd – 5th February 2012

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